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Circler: Good with Used

We are specialists in buying and selling electronic devices. Our goal is to make our solutions as easy, enjoyable, and safe as possible for our customers and users.

In recent years, the trade in used electronics has grown significantly. Devices such as phones and tablets are becoming better and lasting longer. Circler stands for the circular characteristic of this market and thinks along with solutions that different organizations face.

About Circler

Circler = Circulair

What's in the name right? We focus on solutions within the market of used electronics. We have developed special software that allows devices to be bought from a consumer or business in a streamlined way.

Circler is making this software available to other parties with their own buyback ambitions: Circler Bridge.

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Verkopen.nl is a good example of what our buyback / trade-in software Circler Bridge is capable of. A simple but attractive front-end provides a good user experience.

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