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Made from the belief that buyback and trade-in solutions can be much easier and more user-friendly, without losing functionality.

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Use cases

Circler Bridge is a broad software package that can be used for different types of users.


For webshops that trade in electronics such as telephones, game consoles or PCs, offering buyback / trade-in solutions is a smart move.

You can use this as a marketing tool, you can generate extra margin and achieve your sustainability goals in this way.

Circler Bridge is a portal in your own house style colors, or directly implemented in your webshop via an API. Customers can sell their devices carefree and your colleagues can easily process them.

Telephone and repair shops

Physical stores that want to purchase devices in addition to their sales opt for Circler Bridge. This way you can connect multiple stores to your account and keep an overview of the incoming flow of devices.

You can also use Bridge to keep a database of all purchased and sold devices. Inquire about these options during the introductory meeting.

Recycling company

Does your organization accept used electronics for resale or destruction? In that case, it is important that you keep track of what happens to such devices. Circler Bridge can offer a solution for this.

Campaigns and customization

Does your organization need a software package in a different way where customers, employees or donors trade-in electronics? In example, charities or companies can set up purchase campaigns for their donors, customers or staff.

We are happy to think along with you about a tailor-made solution.

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Circle Bridge allows you to control multiple printers through the Printnode integration, which allows you to print labels wirelessly to the nearest printer per user. We also offer integrations with various shipping partners, including Sendcloud, MyParcel and PostNL, so that customers can choose the best shipping option. Labels are automatically created and emailed to the seller.

With Phonecheck you get a complete overview of the purchased device through automatic data exchange.

You can easily link you own or other systems by using our API.

Communicate automatically

To ensure good communication throughout the sale, it is essential to keep the seller updated on the progress of their order. This can be done automatically by e-mails that are sent at important moments in the process. This way, as a seller, you can closely follow every step in the process and you always know where you stand. For example, when the customer agrees to a custom proposal, the seller automatically receives an email with buttons that make it easy to communicate their choice. This makes the process more efficient and avoids misunderstandings.

Status history

You want to have control over every step of the buyback process. From registration to payment, everything is registered. This creates a clear status history per device and per user. You will always know where a device stands.

Special statuses such as 'locked' and 'swiping patterns' are also supported. With 'swipe patterns', users can effortlessly draw them through the website. All such practical examples have been considered.

Ease of payments

For the sellers, this is the most important moment: the payment. There can't be any mistakes and it should be done as quickly as possible. After all, this is the promise you make to the customer. Through SEPA export you're able to download and upload a collective payment at almost any online banking environment. This way, payments are done safely and in no time.

The payment overview can be downloaded in CSV format for import into accounting programs.


Serial Number / IMEI Database

Registration of incoming devices is essential, but registration is also important when devices are sold or returned.

When a device has been finally purchased by you, it will automatically appear in your database. From here on out you can keep track of what is happening with the device: Has it been sold? Was it returned with a defect? The database is easy to link to stock systems or warehouse software, for example.

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139,- p/m

Includes 300 orders p/m

€ 0,55 per extra registration

One-time start fee: Free € 975,-


1 front-end in your company's colours

Up to 3 users

5 different questionnaires

History by user

Automatic emails

Automatic payouts (SEPA)


Extra user: € 25,- p/m

Reviews: € 40,- p/m

Connect via API: € 75,- p/m

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479,- p/m

Includes 2.500 orders p/m

€ 0,45 per extra registration

One-time start fee: Free € 975,-


Everything from Start

Up to 15 users

Unlimited questionnaires

Up to 3 languages

Connect via API



Extra user: € 25,- p/m

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899,- p/m

Includes 7.500 orders p/m

€ 0,35 per extra registration

One-time start fee: Free € 975,-


Everything from Plus

Unlimited front-ends

Unlimited users

Unlimited languages

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