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Circler sells used devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and other portable electronics. If you are looking for a wholesaler for your refurbished activities, we are happy to help your business grow.

Stock lists

Every day we add new stocks and update our range of used phones, tablets and other portable devices. Would you like to receive these stock lists? Please contact us today or join our WhatsApp Community.

All devices that come to us are graded, tested if possible, and registered in detail. We not only sell working devices, but also sell defective devices. We register the defects of these devices as accurately as possible, so that your repair departement or customers know exactly which repairs are required.

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To register as a customer, you need to send us a message or simply join our WhatsApp Community by selecting WhatsApp below.


You can also reach us by phone: +31 (0)85 40 14 999